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LogoThe author of this magazine-blog (Mog) is a self-centered, illusive artificial intelligence, uploaded to the internet by an anonymous alien as revenge for being fee’d on an incorrect parking ticket for its crash-landed spacecraft.

The A.I.’s evil plan is to monopolise all coffee production on earth, leaving menkind’s mental power totally unprodected and thus bringing civilization – and parking tickets – to an end.

In its spare time it likes to shop high heeled shoes and flowered tablecloth on Amazon using the credit-card information it obtained by massivly processing Facebook friend lists.

After its last major role in the Lord of the Rings, posing as a tree, it was long working part-time as the automatic station announcement voice on Munich’s subway lines.

Most experts assume its program code to be faulty and the plan not jet in place. I, however, believe otherwise.

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  1. I can't read almost all of your blog part as you wrote it in German language :(Hope you can write it in English one for the next

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